Him She Couldn’t Beat. – Krishal Morjaria BA LLB 2012


The girl boarded the crowded bus,

She walked, Head down, among-st the fuss,
She sat on the “ladies” seat, lowered her sight,
But her chin was up, posture upright.

For having the ‘Reserved’ seat so lucky she felt,
Just then her keys dropped, she knelt,
On getting up, she saw a man staring at her
But she kept quiet, as she’ll have to, forever.

She kept quiet, didn’t speak
Because HIM, she couldn’t beat..

She alighted from the bus, went into the house,
There she saw her god, her boss, her spouse.
She lowered her sight again, started with the dusting,
Just then the cloth hit the vase, dropping it, shattering!

She froze. Her muscles didn’t even flex.

Her body was still, her soul shivering,
Because she knew what was next.

Then it started, the slapping, beating, violating

She was covered in blood, but she didn’t speak

Cause HIM, she couldn’t beat..

The husband was drunk, she had to flee,

She was far away, but not free,
She knew the solace was temporary,
Just then, she entered an alien street.
A man stood there, by all means, shady,

He looked at his feast for the day, the pretty lady,

He called his friends, they tore her clothes off,
They violated her, but she kept herself steady.

They raped her, over and over, but she didn’t speak
Because HIM, she couldn’t beat..

She couldn’t even prove the gruesome crime,
The court asks for “four male witnesses” present during the time,
A background check will be done on her, (not on the men!)
And then in the courtroom, with questions, she’ll be raped again.

She lay on the ground, beaten and defeated,
Her body was covered in blood.
Her desire to live vanished, she gave up,
Now, at last, she’s free as a bird!

She remained silent to her grave, didn’t speak
Because THEM, she couldn’t beat..


About cwlsc

The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change has been established to advance inter-disciplinary approaches to feminism in teaching, research and policy advocacy. Along with academic commitment to high-quality research in the field of gender and the Centre aims to actively contribute to wider legal thinking on issues related to social justice. The Centre aims to support the initiatives of all the Centres of the JGU and actively collaborate with international, national and grassroots organisations. It encourages various student initiatives in the field of gender and social justice, and seeks to encourage critical thinking on how gender operates in a dynamic with other structures of power in both historical and contemporary contexts. The Centre members teach courses on Feminist Jurisprudence; Gender Law and Governance and Family Law.
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