women-fistI am a Woman,

I want to wear a saree, a colorful saree,

Full of all bright colours, making my life bright,

Where I am happy in the world of equals,

I am equal to my brother, my husband.

I want to wear bangles,

That do not set my limits, but motivate me to go farther.

I want to have long hair,

A long education life as my brother has, or may be more than that.

I want to wear lipstick like a modern woman,

Not to be seen with pity, but with proud.

                                                                   I am a woman, and I want to be treated like a human.


About cwlsc

The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change has been established to advance inter-disciplinary approaches to feminism in teaching, research and policy advocacy. Along with academic commitment to high-quality research in the field of gender and the Centre aims to actively contribute to wider legal thinking on issues related to social justice. The Centre aims to support the initiatives of all the Centres of the JGU and actively collaborate with international, national and grassroots organisations. It encourages various student initiatives in the field of gender and social justice, and seeks to encourage critical thinking on how gender operates in a dynamic with other structures of power in both historical and contemporary contexts. The Centre members teach courses on Feminist Jurisprudence; Gender Law and Governance and Family Law.
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