Reflections on the Kadam Badaun Campaign – First Meeting of the Semester

IMG_20140820_183311715photo (3)As we sit in front of our laptops writing about our first session with members of NGO Pria regarding “Kadam Badhao Campaign” makes us feel like a part of something big. “Kadam Badhao Campaign” is a University-community collaboration aimed at raising awareness about “violence against women” and mobilizing the community to take effective steps to curb this social menace.
The NGO had already done extensive field work comprising of safety audit and Focus Group Discussions in the neighbouring villages. This gave us a fair idea about how field studies are done and how the collected data should be analyzed.
We now plan to organize an open meeting with the local MLA and leaders of other political parties where this issue can be discussed and support can be gathered at the decision-making level. Our peers in Jindal School of Public Policy are working on a manifesto which will specify our agendas regarding this issue. While we as law students are working on providing the women with a detailed guide specifying their legal rights so that they can use law as a tool of self-defense.
We also deliberated as to how we can make the campaign more interactive and engaging as we munched on our “dhoklas” and “sandwiches”. There are plans to organize a travelling exhibition, mobile legal aid, music/art workshops and street graffiti for the community.
Youth from the communities also displayed overwhelming enthusiasm and are actively participating in this initiative. Some girls of Sandal Kalan High School, Sonepat came up with idea of hosting cricket matches as a part of this initiative. We hope to see our plans in action.
Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of this initiative! Ciao.

Aishwarya Singh BALLB, 2014
Meenakshi Ramkumar, BA LLB 2014


About cwlsc

The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change has been established to advance inter-disciplinary approaches to feminism in teaching, research and policy advocacy. Along with academic commitment to high-quality research in the field of gender and the Centre aims to actively contribute to wider legal thinking on issues related to social justice. The Centre aims to support the initiatives of all the Centres of the JGU and actively collaborate with international, national and grassroots organisations. It encourages various student initiatives in the field of gender and social justice, and seeks to encourage critical thinking on how gender operates in a dynamic with other structures of power in both historical and contemporary contexts. The Centre members teach courses on Feminist Jurisprudence; Gender Law and Governance and Family Law.
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