She is My Daughter

She is my daughter

My daughter from Katuah

My daughter from Etah

My daughter from Unnao

She is a Moslem

She is a Hindu

She is a Sikh

She is a Christian

She is my daughter

Her smile brought sunshine through the windows

Her laughter opened the door to the cool winds

As pure as water from the Himalayas

She is my daughter

All daughters are all flawless

As pristine as the moonlight

As bright as the sun

As exuberant as the stars

Reminding us that all our daughters

Not Hindu, Not Moslem, Not Christian, Not Sikh

Now she is the blue in the sky

Now she is the flow in the river

Now she is the wind hugging me

Now she is a raindrop kissing me

Now she is the infinity in the heaven

No more in chains is my daughter

She is now free

Dr Keerty Nakray, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University 

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