Issue 2: Call for Contributors

Subject: Call for Contributions | September Issue

The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change is now accepting submissions for its September 2018 Issue. Thematically, this issue would focus on Gender and New Media.

Given that it is a relative term, how would one define new media today?

Is it constantly shaped, and reshaped by society?

How does it, in turn, shape society and culture?

Who has access to this new media?

Who controls it?

Is this new media gendered?

Have gender, and various gendered issues had an impact on it? How?

What about representation in this new media?

What about identity in this new media?

What about movements in new media?

Where does the feminist movement stand in the context of this new media?

What about the issues of privacy within such a new media?

These are only a few questions that we hope to explore.

Nevertheless, we would urge you to go beyond! The scope of such a topic is rather vast, and we would request the contributors to freely interpret the theme. Recognising that rudimentary questions related to the subject cannot be considered in abstraction from the historical, social and political context in which they were raised, the issues that could be explored are many and multifaceted.

Further, the work you submit or wish to present could be of any nature. As long as it is deemed to ensure a sustained and constructive reflection, it could be anything ranging from an Academic Paper to an Art form or a Documentary – there are no boundaries

Submission Guidelines and Specifications:

1.     All submissions must be made by Saturday, 1 September 2018.

2.     The submissions must be made to and Copy the email to Kavya Palavalasa (

3.     All sources that have been referred to must be cited. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

4.   All submissions will be examined, and the contributors will be notified within a week of making the submission. These contributors will be guided further depending on the nature of their submission.

5.     All submissions, regardless of nature, must include a short note describing the work.

6.     All contributors are also requested to include a short note on the author.

7.     The subject of the email must be in the following pattern:

CWLSC Submission | September Issue | Title of Submission/Untitled

In case of queries, please write to Dr Keerty Nakray ( and Kavya Palavalasa (

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