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The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change has been established to advance inter-disciplinary approaches to feminism in teaching, research and policy advocacy. Along with academic commitment to high-quality research in the field of gender and the Centre aims to actively contribute to wider legal thinking on issues related to social justice. The Centre aims to support the initiatives of all the Centres of the JGU and actively collaborate with international, national and grassroots organisations. It encourages various student initiatives in the field of gender and social justice, and seeks to encourage critical thinking on how gender operates in a dynamic with other structures of power in both historical and contemporary contexts. The Centre members teach courses on Feminist Jurisprudence; Gender Law and Governance and Family Law.

The Editor’s Word Posted on March 5, 2014by cwlsc Posted on November 29, 2013 by cwlsc Editors Words: As the faculty coordinator of this CWLSC wordpress blog I am most excited about this initiative as it is one projects I … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Kadam Badaun Campaign – First Meeting of the Semester

As we sit in front of our laptops writing about our first session with members of NGO Pria regarding “Kadam Badhao Campaign” makes us feel like a part of something big. “Kadam Badhao Campaign” is a University-community collaboration aimed at … Continue reading

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Dr. Keerty Nakray’s Interview by Akhila Kolisetty, Harvard Law School

1.     Tell me more about yourself. What led you to focus on gender violence, budgeting, and public health research and teaching? My research interests have been shaped consistently over the last decade due to solid training in social theory and fieldwork … Continue reading

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Is Justice forgiveness? – Rohini Sud (Student Editor) B.A LLB (2012)

Life is neither devoid of violence nor emotions. Resentment is one of those few emotions, playing alongside human passions. Resentment is encumbered into one’s being when another wrongs a person. Eminent psychoanalysts have rightly put forth the notions of resentment … Continue reading

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My Everyday Struggle – They call it Feminist Attack

The Photo is a semblance by Kudrat Dev a fifth year student, studying at Jindal Global Law School.

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Coz, I am a Girl – Vinayak Harshvardhan BA LLB 2013

You do all the  bad You do make me sad The lust in your stare The nomadic care Each night I am thrown I cry all alone The games you have played The traps you had laid Now, tears don’t … Continue reading

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I am a Woman, I want to wear a saree, a colorful saree, Full of all bright colours, making my life bright, Where I am happy in the world of equals, I am equal to my brother, my husband. I … Continue reading

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