Issue 2: Call for Contributors

Subject: Call for Contributions | September Issue The Centre for Women, Law and Social Change is now accepting submissions for its September 2018 Issue. Thematically, this issue would focus on Gender and New Media. Given that it is a relative term, how would one define new media today? Is it constantly shaped, and reshaped by society? How does it, in turn, shape society and culture? Who has access to this new media? … Continue reading Issue 2: Call for Contributors

Issue 1: Call for Contributors

Subject: Call for Contributions – Centre for Women, Law and Social Change. Issue 1.  On behalf of the Centre for Women, Law and Social Change – we invite you to have a conversation through your submissions; a conversation through diverse and multifaceted mediums. Thematically, the issue this March will be focused on: In Conversation with Women and Men: Law, Literature and Feminism in the 21st Century.     Although the submission needn’t be thematically constrained, we request the contributors … Continue reading Issue 1: Call for Contributors